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Membership categories include volunteers, contributors, supporting members and individuals sponsoring animals at the wolf sanctuary.

All Donations are Tax Deductible, Federal Tax ID# 86-0967215

Annual Membership:

  Lone Wolf   50.00
  Wolf Pack   100.00
  Wolf Associate   300.00
  Beta Wolf   500.00
  Alpha Wolf   1000.00

 Sponsor a Wolf

  Wolf Sponsor - Yearly   325.00
  Wolf Sponsor - Quarterly   85.00
  Wolf Sponsor - Monthly   30.00

I am not yet ready for membership or to sponsor a wolf, but would like to make a donation in the amount of  
and/or donate the following items:





I would like to sponsor a wolf residing at the sanctuary.   I would prefer:

The most needy resident
A male
A female
A young resident

An older resident

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If paying by check or money order, please print this page and mail to:

         Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sanctuary
         PO Box 509
         Attn:   Membership
         Tonopah, AZ   85354