Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sanctuary, located 60 miles west of Phoenix, is a sanctuary for wolf-hybrids/wolfdogs.  Hopefully, through education, adoption and spay/neuter programs, this sanctuary and others like it will become unnecessary in the future.

Our population averaged 70 animals for many years.  Unfortunately, this number would be much larger if the facility could accommodate more.  There are few rescues in the United States for wolf-hybrids/wolfdogs and they are always full to capacity.

"No-Kill" means that animals are not destroyed unless an animal is suffering and there are no reasonable alternatives other than euthanasia.  The animals that come to us are guaranteed a home for life.

Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sanctuary is funded primarily by private, individual donations.  Purchases from our Gift Shop also help the funding.  Remember - all donations to Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sanctuary are tax deductible.


They come from the interference of man.  Wolf/dog interbreeding is NOT a naturally occurring mix.  Humans breed wolves with dogs for profit.  Unfortunately, many of these animals wind up abused and/or abandoned, and with the current legal climate for "exotic" pets, in peril.

In Maricopa County, where the Sanctuary is located, and in many other areas of the country, wolfdogs picked up by animal control are immediately put down.  While it is perfectly legal to breed, sell and own the wolfdog, authorities consider them to be semi-wild animals.   Because the pharmaceutical companies will not guarantee that the rabies vaccines are effective on wolfdogs, they are destroyed without a quarantine period.  For the wolfdogs, the Sanctuary, and others like it are their only hope for survival.

Absolutely!!  Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sanctuary is currently involved with a study by the American Veterinary Association to prove that the rabies vaccines ARE effective for the wolfdogs.  All wofdogs at the Sanctuary are vaccinated and participate in the study.

The dogs come to us mostly from individuals.  Some come from people who are no longer able to care for the animal or from family members when the wolfdog's owner has passed away.  Some come from other rescues, referrals from vets, even animal control officers when they are able without violating the legal mandate.

A loving and educated home would be the ultimate goal.  However, because the animals that come to us have already been abused/abandoned and endured traumatic relocation, we are extremely selective.  We have also experienced too many individuals who are not trustworthy and the adopted animal has paid with its life.

No, nor do we breed the animals.  Wolf-hybrids/wolfdogs are high-maintenance pets and require special care and attention.  Like many "exotic" pets, too many people get the animals only to discover they are "too much work".  That is one of  the reasons we are so selective about adoptions.

We pen them for their own safety. Allowed to run free, the animals would fight for rank in the pack.  Like their full-blooded wolf ancestors, wolfdogs are pack animals and strive for hierarchy.  In each pack there can be only one Alpha male and female.  they achieve this status by fighting for it.  Unfortunately, unlike pure-blooded wolves, wofdogs will fight to severe injury or death.

The normal pack size is 8-10 animals.  With our numbers, it just does not work.  We have too many that are Alphas.

Remember!  There is NO NATURAL HABITAT for wolfdogs.  They are a product of man's interference with nature.  There is no easy way to release them "into the wild"; they don't belong there.

The Sanctuary strives to provide a middle ground, a place where the animals can live out their lives in safety and comfort.  Pens are not the ideal solution.  The ideal solution would be world where the are not abandoned, not considered "throw away" pets.

In fact, the opposite is true.  They are not aggressive animals in general terms.  However, the pack instinct is strong and two wolves desiring to be Alpha will fight.  Domestic dogs do not have the instinct of "okay, you win".  Two wolves will fight until one surrenders.  It is uncommon for them to seriously injure the other.  Wolf packs depend on every member for survival.  Two domestic dogs will fight until one is dead or no longer able to fight.  Unfortunately, wofdogs did not inherit their predecessors' ability to know when to stop. 

As with ANY animal, an injured, cornered or terrified wolfdog may bite a human.  Under normal circumstances, they are gentle animals and far more likely to try to avoid conflict with humans rather than initiate.

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